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Top Milan Hotels and Hostels

Milan is one of the most important cities in Italy, it is one of the favourite tourist destination in Italy known for its historically important heritage sites, sky scrappers and much more. City has something for everyone - if you are a person who loves Shopping than worlds 1st Shopping Mall - Galleria is waiting for you, the city has rich museum, beautiful Park, well planned infrastructure and honest citizens.To talk about hotels in the city: 

Cityhotel Central Station is one of the most economical and low budget hotel which is 0.42 Kms close to Branca Tower - Milan. At such a low price tag finding a hotel like this in itself is an great thing. Besides being a budget property - the services are almost comparable to any full service hotel in the nearby locality.

Hotel Bolzano is the most Convenient three star hotel in the town which is 0.27 Kms from Branca Tower - Milan. This 3 star property has fabulous and wonderful rooms at a decent price tag. Room size specially for the Deluxe one is good enough for 2 or can even accommodate 3 people. Beds are very comfortable to ensure you get a nice sleep at night. Hotel work force is smart enough to answer your quick travel related questions in the city.

Best Western Hotel Atlantic is the Closest hotel in the area which is 0.23 Kms from Branca Tower - Milan.  Hotel rooms have all basic amenities which you need for a comfortable stay. I would personally recommend you this hotel specially if you are planning most of your day out from hotel in exploring the city.One thing to note - this is a good hotel but if you are looking for ultimate luxury, this is not for you.

Hotel Mythos Milan is the Cheapest 4 Star Hotel in the area which is 0.37 Kms from Branca Tower - Milan. This is a value for money 4 Star property with superb location very well suited for business travellers and family with Kids and elderly people - reason the staff is very caring and trustworthy.

Le Meridien Gallia is the leading 5 Star Place to stay in the city which is 0.11 Kms from Branca Tower - Milan. The hotel has a marvellous rooms which provides world class comfort to the people staying there. The only problem here is about the availability - this place always remains in demand and if you try to book this place at the last moment the chances are that you may not get the booking. So if you intend to book this place make sure you complete your bookings in advance.

Berna Hotel Milan is the most satisfying and appropriate place to stay because that  is just 0.3 Kms away from Branca Tower - Milan Not only this - It is Economical (If we compare with similar hotels in the locality), The rooms are Trendy - hotel management is continuously making necessary changes in the design to match the pace of hotel industry. This place is suitable for families travelling with children and with Old age people.

Here is the complete list of popular hotels in the city with Price per night as on the date of publishing this page - For current rate please visit the hotel link below - If luck is in your favour you can actually save upto 30 to 40% as promotional or off-season discount !!

Selected Hotels in Milan Distance from Branca Tower Price (In EUR) Star Address
Cityhotel Central Station 0.42 Kms € 26 1 Star Via Giovanni Battista...
Hotel Bolzano 0.27 Kms € 35 3 Star Via Boscovich 21
Canova Hotel 0.3 Kms € 40 3 Star via Napo Torriani 15
Amadeus Hotel Milan 0.29 Kms € 43 3 Star Via Vitruvio 48
Hotel Mythos Milan 0.37 Kms € 44 4 Star Via Carlo Tenca 21
Hotel Gonzaga Milan 0.36 Kms € 44 3 Star Via Vitruvio 43
Hotel Garda Milan 0.24 Kms € 44 3 Star Via Napo Torriani 21
New York Hotel Milan 0.06 Kms € 44 3 Star Via G.B. Pirelli 5
Mennini 0.37 Kms € 45 3 Star Via Napo Torriani 14
Hotel Bernina Milan 0.22 Kms € 46 3 Star Via Napo Torriani 27
Hostel Beatrice Milano 0.42 Kms € 49 1 Star Via G. B. Sammartini 15
Hotel Demo 0.47 Kms € 55 3 Star Via Tonale 14
Hotel Colombia 0.3 Kms € 65 4 Star Via Roberto Lepetit 15
Hotel Monopole Milan 0.38 Kms € 65 3 Star Via Fabio Filzi 43
Hotel Boston Milan 0.31 Kms € 66 2 Star Via Lepetit 7
Bristol Hotel Milan 0.38 Kms € 67 4 Star Via Scarlatti 32
Best Western Hotel Atlantic 0.23 Kms € 68 4 Star Via Napo Torriani 24
Idea Hotel Milano Centrale 0.2 Kms € 68 3 Star Via Napo Torriani 28
Augustus Hotel Milan 0.2 Kms € 68 3 Star Via Napo Torriani 29
B&B Baldassarre 0.35 Kms € 69 2 Star Via Boscovich 22
Berna Hotel Milan 0.3 Kms € 70 4 Star Via Napo Torriani 18
Hotel Aosta - Gruppo MiniHotel 0.29 Kms € 70 3 Star Piazza Duca D'aosta 16
Marconi Hotel Milan 0.36 Kms € 71 4 Star Via Fabio Filzi 3
Esco Hotel Milano 0.24 Kms € 72 2 Star Via Antonio Da Recanate 2
Lepetit Milano 0.32 Kms € 72 1 Star Via Lepetit 31
Albert Hotel Milan 0.45 Kms € 73 3 Star Via Tonale 2
Hotel Mediolanum 0.43 Kms € 75 4 Star Via Mauro Macchi 1
Hotel Stazione Milan 0.06 Kms € 79 2 Star Via Giovanni Battista...
Michelangelo Hotel Milan 0.37 Kms € 87 4 Star Via Scarlatti 33
Auriga Hotel 0.05 Kms € 88 4 Star Via G. B. Pirelli 7
Starhotels Anderson 0.42 Kms € 90 4 Star Piazza Luigi di Savoia 20
UNA Hotel Century 0.1 Kms € 91 4 Star Via Fabio Filzi 25/B
Hilton Milan 0.19 Kms € 93 4 Star Via Luigi Galvani 12
LaGare Hotel Milano Centrale MGallery Collection 0.19 Kms € 94 4 Star Via Gian Battista Pirelli 20
Starhotels E.c.ho. 0.43 Kms € 102 4 Star Viale Andrea Doria 4
Klick Hotel Milano 0.24 Kms € 131 1 Star Via Antonio Da Recanate 2
Le Meridien Gallia 0.11 Kms € 217 5 Star Piazza Duca d'Aosta 9

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