30+ Hotels in Milan: Near Stadio Giuseppe Meazza (San Siro)

Top Milan Hotels and Hostels

Milan is one of the most important cities in Italy, it is one of the favourite tourist destination in Italy known for its historically important heritage sites, sky scrappers and much more. City has something for everyone - if you are a person who loves Shopping than worlds 1st Shopping Mall - Galleria is waiting for you, the city has rich museum, beautiful Park, well planned infrastructure and honest citizens.To talk about hotels in the city: 

Gambara Hotel is one of the cheapest place to stay in the town which is 2.1 Kmsnearby Stadio Giuseppe Meazza - Milan. Cost per night has been intentionally kept at a very low level to beat the competition in the city.  The hotel management has the philosophy of serving its visitors with narrow profit margins. Despite being a low cost accomodation, rooms are pretty decent offering all basic facility a traveller need for comfortable stay,

B&B Hotel Milano San Siro is the low cost Three Star hotel in the area which is 0.24 Kms from Stadio Giuseppe Meazza - Milan. This 3 star hotel is very well known in the city for the cleanliness, its supportive staff, airy looms, neat and clean bathrooms and personalized services by hotel staff. 

R&B Errepi Milano San Siro is the Closest hotel in the area which is 0.39 Kms from Stadio Giuseppe Meazza - Milan.  Hotel rooms have all basic amenities which you need for a comfortable stay. I would personally recommend you this hotel specially if you are planning most of your day out from hotel in exploring the city.One thing to note - this is a good hotel but if you are looking for ultimate luxury, this is not for you.

Best Western Hotel Astoria Milan is one of the most Enjoyable 4 Star hotel in the area which is 1.68 Kms from Stadio Giuseppe Meazza - Milan. Suitable for people who don't want to compromise on quality of rooms and luxury services - this is a four star property with matchable five star facilities.

Lido Hotel Milan is the Recommended Hotel in the area which is 1.63 Kms from Stadio Giuseppe Meazza - Milan and has a great connection to entire city and major tourist destination through public transport. You can stay worry free in this hotel and enjoy your nightouts with friends and families as coming back to hotel room at any time is not a big deal at all.

Here is the complete list of popular hotels in the city with Price per night as on the date of publishing this page - For current rate please visit the hotel link below - If luck is in your favour you can actually save upto 30 to 40% as promotional or off-season discount !!

Selected Hotels in Milan Distance from Stadio Giuseppe Meazza Price (In EUR) Star Address
Gambara Hotel 2.1 Kms € 34 1 Star Via Fra' Galgario 4
Edy 1.99 Kms € 35 1 Star Via delle Forze Armate 8
Bel Sit 2.29 Kms € 38 2 Star Via Gallarate 2
Best Western Hotel Astoria Milan 1.68 Kms € 39 4 Star Viale Murillo 9
Hotel Amendola Fiera 1.83 Kms € 39 1 Star Via Filippo Carcano 39
B&B Hotel Milano San Siro 0.24 Kms € 39 3 Star Via Achille 4
Nuovo Murillo Hotel 1.7 Kms € 39 2 Star Viale Murillo 22
Mokinba Hotel Montebianco 1.61 Kms € 44 4 Star Via Monterosa 90
R&B Errepi Milano San Siro 0.39 Kms € 46 3 Star Via Fetonte
Le Querce 1.66 Kms € 46 2 Star Via Jacopo della Quercia 6
Lido Hotel Milan 1.63 Kms € 49 3 Star Via Riccardo Galli 8
Mirage Hotel Milan 2.3 Kms € 51 4 Star Viale Certosa 104/106
Atel Accursio 2.34 Kms € 51 3 Star Viale Certosa 88
Residence Desenzano Milan 2.21 Kms € 54 1 Star Via Desenzano 12
Antares Hotel Accademia 2.41 Kms € 55 4 Star Viale Certosa 68
Hotel Domenichino 1.99 Kms € 56 3 Star Via Domenichino 41
Oro Blu Hotel 1.56 Kms € 62 3 Star Piazzale Lotto 14
Hotel Portello - Gruppo Mini Hotel 2.01 Kms € 63 4 Star Via Guglielmo Silva 12
Hotel Raffaello Milan 2.31 Kms € 64 4 Star Viale Certosa 108
Antares Hotel Rubens 1.92 Kms € 65 4 Star Via Rubens 21
Campion 2.16 Kms € 68 3 Star Viale Berengario 3
Residence Colonna 2.26 Kms € 68 3 Star Via Vittoria Colonna 48
ATAHOTEL De Angeli Residence 2.24 Kms € 70 4 Star Via Trivulzio 8
San Siro Fiera 2.12 Kms € 71 2 Star Via Novara 371
BnB Hello Milano 1.94 Kms € 83 3 Star Via Rubens
Hotel Fiera Milan 2.31 Kms € 84 3 Star Via Spinola 9
Apartment Amelie Suite 2.01 Kms € 85 2 Star Via dei Carracci
B&B Trovailtempo 1.28 Kms € 99 1 Star Via Novara 216
Melia Milano 1.67 Kms € 101 5 Star Via Masaccio 19
Apartment Melozzo 1.3 Kms € 146 3 Star Piazza Melozzo da Forli

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