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Milan is one of the most important cities in Italy, it is one of the favourite tourist destination in Italy known for its historically important heritage sites, sky scrappers and much more. City has something for everyone - if you are a person who loves Shopping than worlds 1st Shopping Mall - Galleria is waiting for you, the city has rich museum, beautiful Park, well planned infrastructure and honest citizens.To talk about hotels in the city: 

Scream House B&B Milan is one of the Bargain Hotels which is 2.57 Kmsnearby Bicocca - Milan. Why - I say this as a the best Bargain hotel because of its reasonable pricing and Superb value for money it offers. At such a price range - this is one of the best choice of frequent budget travellers who are looking for a pleasant stay at reasonable price. 

Hotel Gala Milan is the Cheapest 3 Star Hotel in the area which is 2.74 Kms from Bicocca - Milan. A most looked after property in the area for off season discounts and offers and credit goes to the positive visitors reviews on various travel portals and discussion forums in terms of service quality, ambience and locality these hotels provide at such a reasonable rates.

Hotel degli Arcimboldi is the Closest hotel in the area which is 0.86 Kms from Bicocca - Milan.  Hotel rooms have all basic amenities which you need for a comfortable stay. I would personally recommend you this hotel specially if you are planning most of your day out from hotel in exploring the city.One thing to note - this is a good hotel but if you are looking for ultimate luxury, this is not for you.

Centro Siloe Hotel Milan is one of the most premium four Star hotel in the area which is 1.56 Kms from Bicocca - Milan. It's Pleasing ambience both inside the rooms and in the common area makes it a popular choice amongst leisure visitors who want to spend a good amount of time in the hotel.

Domus Guesthouse Milan is the most Complacent Five Star Place to stay in the city which is 2.72 Kms from Bicocca - Milan. Being a 5 star facility the cost is bit on the higher side but considering this is one of the Famous and Fashionable hotels in the town the cost shouldn't be a deciding factor.

Novotel Milano Nord Ca Granda is the Recommended Hotel in the area which is 1.7 Kms from Bicocca - Milan and has a very good visitors feedback from past visitors and over various travel portals.

Here is the complete list of popular hotels in the city with Price per night as on the date of publishing this page - For current rate please visit the hotel link below - If luck is in your favour you can actually save upto 30 to 40% as promotional or off-season discount !!

Selected Hotels in Milan Distance from Bicocca Price (In EUR) Star Address
Scream House B&B Milan 2.57 Kms € 13 1 Star Viale Monza 111
Domus Guesthouse Milan 2.72 Kms € 14 5 Star Via pellegrino rossi
Hotel Greco Milan 1.53 Kms € 24 2 Star Via Ugolini 21/3
Hotel Gala Milan 2.74 Kms € 26 3 Star Viale Zara 89
Hotel Ornato - Gruppo Mini Hotel 1.25 Kms € 37 3 Star Via Luigi Ornato 64
Eco-Hotel La Residenza 2.45 Kms € 40 3 Star Via Vittorio Scialoia 3
Hotel degli Arcimboldi 0.86 Kms € 48 4 Star Viale Sarca 336
Centro Siloe Hotel Milan 1.56 Kms € 49 4 Star Via A. Cesari 19
Idea Hotel Milano Bicocca 2.27 Kms € 51 4 Star Via Della Giustizia 10/D
Ibis Milano Ca Granda 1.68 Kms € 52 3 Star Viale Suzzani 13/15
B&B Hotel Bicocca 2.01 Kms € 53 2 Star Via Oreste Cipriani 8
Hotel Venini 2.93 Kms € 54 3 Star Via Venini 72
B&B Easy Rooms 2.85 Kms € 54 3 Star Viale Marche
Cislaghi Apartment 1.57 Kms € 54 3 Star Via Cislaghi
Novotel Milano Nord Ca Granda 1.7 Kms € 57 4 Star Viale Suzzani 13
Igiban Hotel 2.7 Kms € 57 3 Star Via Pellegrino Rossi 45
Ramada Plaza Milano 2.56 Kms € 58 4 Star Via Stamira d Ancona
Hotel Nuovo Metro 2.26 Kms € 58 3 Star Viale Monza 120
Residence Loreto Milan 2.31 Kms € 59 1 Star Via Ilarione Rancati 3
Residence Viserba Milan 1.32 Kms € 60 1 Star Via Viserba 18/A
ATAHOTEL Contessa Jolanda 2.65 Kms € 62 4 Star Via Murat 21
ATAHOTEL Linea Uno Residence 2.33 Kms € 62 4 Star Viale Monza 139
Hotel Sicilia Milan 2.15 Kms € 64 1 Star V. Benefattori Ospedale 24
Antares Hotel Concorde 2.15 Kms € 69 4 Star Viale Monza 132
Edolo Hotel 2.83 Kms € 70 2 Star Via Edolo 18
Il Girasole Bed & Breakfast Milan 1.22 Kms € 82 2 Star Via Doberdò 19
Home Holidays Milano 1.4 Kms € 84 1 Star via Luigi Ornato
Nico&Cinzia Apartments Milan 1.18 Kms € 97 1 Star Via Galeno 27
Villa Orphea Bed and Breakfast Milan 2.54 Kms € 101 1 Star Via Arbe 26

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