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Top Milan Hotels and Hostels

Milan is one of the most important cities in Italy, it is one of the favourite tourist destination in Italy known for its historically important heritage sites, sky scrappers and much more. City has something for everyone - if you are a person who loves Shopping than worlds 1st Shopping Mall - Galleria is waiting for you, the city has rich museum, beautiful Park, well planned infrastructure and honest citizens.To talk about hotels in the city: 

Lancaster Hotel Milan is well known economical Hotel which is 1.17 Kmsnearby Castello Sforzesco - Milan. Reason or being a best Bargain hotel is its value for money and quality of services. Room size are pretty decent, a family of two with a kid can easily accommodate in their Double bed room - one of the most sought after place to stay for budget travellers 

Hotel Scala Nord is the low cost Three Star hotel in the area which is 1.54 Kms from Castello Sforzesco - Milan. This 3 star hotel is very well known in the city for the cleanliness, its supportive staff, airy looms, neat and clean bathrooms and personalized services by hotel staff. 

Hotel Ritter Milan is the Nearest Hotel in the area which is 0.77 Kms from Castello Sforzesco - Milan. The location of this hotel is best in class and people visiting the city actually like this thing because it saves lot of travel time in commuting to various travel destinations in and around the city.

Hermitage Hotel Milan is one of the most premium four Star hotel in the area which is 1.37 Kms from Castello Sforzesco - Milan. It's Pleasing ambience both inside the rooms and in the common area makes it a popular choice amongst leisure visitors who want to spend a good amount of time in the hotel.

Glamour Apartments is the Cheapest 5 Star Hotel in the area which is 1.34 Kms from Castello Sforzesco - Milan. The hotel offers the world class unmatchable luxury and comfort at very reasonable price. The staff is well groomed and trained to ensure you have a great stay in their hotel.

NH Hotel Touring Milan is the suggested hotel in the area which is 1.53 Kms from Castello Sforzesco - Milan because of following reasons: Affordable Rates, Popularity on travel forums, repeated visits by people travelling to the city and last one - the yummy food they offer. 

Here is the complete list of popular hotels in the city with Price per night as on the date of publishing this page - For current rate please visit the hotel link below - If luck is in your favour you can actually save upto 30 to 40% as promotional or off-season discount !!

Selected Hotels in Milan Distance from Castello Sforzesco Price (In EUR) Star Address
Lancaster Hotel Milan 1.17 Kms € 56 3 Star Via Abbondio Sangiorgio 16
Residence Giusti 6 1.15 Kms € 58 1 Star Via G. Giusti 6
Hotel Scala Nord 1.54 Kms € 60 3 Star Via Francesco Ferrucci 10/a
Hotel Ritter Milan 0.77 Kms € 60 3 Star Corso Garibaldi 68
Hermitage Hotel Milan 1.37 Kms € 73 4 Star Via Messina 10
Hotel Manin 1.33 Kms € 79 4 Star Via Manin 7
NH Hotel Touring Milan 1.53 Kms € 81 4 Star Via Tarchetti 2
Brera Apartments 1.02 Kms € 89 3 Star Via San Fermo
Cavour Hotel Milan 1.2 Kms € 91 4 Star Via Fatebenefratelli 21
Carlyle Brera 0.82 Kms € 95 4 Star Corso Garibaldi 84
Hotel San Guido 1.4 Kms € 117 3 Star Via Carlo Farini 1/a
The Duomo Suites Milan 1.34 Kms € 131 2 Star Via Passarella 4
Antica Locanda Solferino 1.1 Kms € 132 2 Star Via Castelfidardo 2
Ming Hao Hotel 1.22 Kms € 151 3 Star Via Antonio Rosmini 14
Glamour Apartments 1.34 Kms € 164 5 Star Via Privata della...
Boscolo Milano Autograph Collection r 1.2 Kms € 200 5 Star Corso Matteotti 4-6
Carlton Hotel Baglioni 1.52 Kms € 209 5 Star Via Senato 5
Hotel Manzoni Milan 1.25 Kms € 215 4 Star Via Santo Spirito 20
ME Milan Il Duca 1.52 Kms € 219 5 Star Piazza della Repubblica 13
San Pietro all'Orto 6 1.36 Kms € 229 4 Star Via San Pietro All'Orto...
Grand Hotel Et De Milan 1.05 Kms € 245 5 Star Via Manzoni 29
Friendly Rentals Moscova 1.15 Kms € 294 4 Star Via Volta 19
Palazzo Parigi Hotel & Grand Spa Milano 1 Kms € 338 5 Star Corso Di Porta Nuova 1
Armani Hotel Milano 1.1 Kms € 390 5 Star Via Manzoni 31

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