Cheapest Singapore Hotels near KK Hospital ($30 to $75)

Best Hotels in Singapore at competitive price per night
KK Women’s and Children’s Hospital was founded in 1858 and since than has been one of the best speciality hospitals into Obstetrics, Gynaecology, Paediatrics and Neonatology. As on date KK Hospital serves its patients with 830 Beds  looked after by very caring and talented doctors and support staff or around six hundred people. KK Hospital is accredited by Joint Commission International as an Academic Medical Centre. Read more about the hospital on their Official website of KK Hospital or Read on Wikipedia about the Hospital . You may also like to see Facebook Page of KK Hospital

Over here you will find information about hotels and other places to stay near KK Women’s and Children’s Hospital. There are 40+ hotels and hostels close to the KK Hospital in a distance of 0 miles to 0.75 miles some of these hotels offer complementary breakfast as well.
  • Most Budgeted place to stay near KK Hospital is Bunc Hostel which is at a distance of 0.66 miles from KK Hospital and available at 30 Singapore Dollars Per night stay.
  • Basis the feedback from most of the travel review websites - we suggest you to book a room in Fragrance Hotel - Selegie - the hotel is a 3 star property near KK Hospital at a price of SG$71 Per night stand. I am surprised to see that as this price how can a 3 star property run in a costly city like Singapore. Bus yes, thats True !
  • Another one in our recommendation list right on the Newton road - a recently constructed 4 star hotel Royal Hotel Singapore just 5-10 minutes walk from KK Hospital although the cost is on a higher side ie $83 per night stand. But the luxury the hotel is offering is of international quality and unmatchable.

Below is the list of hotels in Singapore which are well known near the Hospital:

Hotels Distance from KK Hospital Price - Per Night (In SGD) Star Rating Address
Bunc Hostel 0.66 Mile SGD 30 1 Star 15 Upper Weld Road
Hawaii Hostel 0.73 Mile SGD 30 1 Star 171-B Bencoolen Street...
B88 Hostel 0.71 Mile SGD 33 1 Star 134 Jalan Besar
Kawan Hostel 0.65 Miles SGD 34 1 Star 28 Dunlop Street
G4 Station 0.33 Mile SGD 35 1.5 Star 11 Mackenzie Road
ABC Premium Hostel 0.48 Miles SGD 36 1 Star 91A, 93A & 95A Owen Road
Grand U Hotel 0.68 Mile SGD 50 2 Star 43A Jalan Besar
Arianna Hotel Singapore 0.64 Mile SGD 52 1 Star 83 Syed Alwi Road
Hotel 81 Dickson 0.64 Mile SGD 53 2 Star 3 Dickson Road
Hotel 81 Rochor 0.69 Mile SGD 53 2 Star 5 Jalan Besar
Hotel 81 Selegie 0.52 Mile SGD 55 2 Star 161 Selegie Road
Hangout Mt Emily 0.5 Miles SGD 62 2 Star 10A Upper Wilkie Road
Claremont Hotel Singapore 0.55 Mile SGD 63 2 Star 301 Serangoon Road
Broadway Hotel Singapore 0.45 Miles SGD 69 2 Star 195 Serangoon Road
Fragrance Hotel - Selegie 0.51 Mile SGD 71 3 Star 183 Selegie Road
Tai Hoe 0.67 Mile SGD 71 2 Star 163 Kitchener Road
Santa Grand Hotel Little India Singapore 0.47 Mile SGD 75 2 Star 3 Veerasamy Road

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