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Charming Hotels in Florence

Florence is the capital city of the Italian region of Tuscany and of the province of Florence. It is the most populous city in Tuscany, with approximately 370,000 inhabitants, expanding to over 1.5 million in the metropolitan area. Florence is famous for its history. A center of medieval European trade and finance and one of the wealthiest cities of the time, Florence is considered the birthplace of the Renaissance, and has been called the Athens of the Middle Ages. [Source: Wikipedia]

If we talk about Hotels and other Places to Stay in Florence;

De Lanzi is one of the most economical and low budget hotel which is 0.1 Kms close to Piazza del Duomo - Florence. At such a low price tag finding a hotel like this in itself is an great thing. Besides being a budget property - the services are almost comparable to any full service hotel in the nearby locality.

Hotel Axial is a famous three star hotel in the town which is 0.14 Kms from Piazza del Duomo - Florence. Hotel rooms are big in size with a king size bed for people with around 6 feet height so no need to sleep diagnally on the bed. Hotel provides excellent quality food, economical laundry service and a dedicated travel desk if you want to book a local sight seeing package - they will provide assistance.

M Gallery Cerretani Firenze is the Best value for money hoteland that is just 0.1 Kms from Piazza del Duomo - Florence. Getting a room booked at such a short and walkable distnace in itself is an achievement. This reasonably priced property provides utmost comfort and satisfying stay to its visitors.

Hotel California Florence is one of the Stunning 4 Star property in the area which is 0.31 Kms from Piazza del Duomo - Florence. Rooms are Trendy and fashionable to give you a feeling of luxury, Staff is Cooperative - a must if you are travelling with Elderly people or with LIttle ones. It is actually giving complex to some of the low budget five star hotels in the town.

Rocco Forte Hotel Savoy is the Cheapest 5 Star Hotel in the area which is 0.19 Kms from Piazza del Duomo - Florence. The hotel offers the world class luxury and comfort (Hotel romms and Services) at very reasonable price. The staff is well groomed and trained to ensure you have a great stay in their hotel.

Hotel Garibaldi Blu is the most satisfying and appropriate place to stay bacause that  is just 0.47 Kms away from Piazza del Duomo - Florence Not only this - It is Economical (If we compare with similar hotels in the locality), The rooms are Trendy - hotel management is continuously making necessary changes in the design to match the pace of hotel industry. This place is suitable for families travelling with children and with Old age people.

Below is the list of few selected hotels which we think are best for your stay in Florence - considering your budget and locality you are looking for. Make sure you check the latest rates and offers on your date of stay by visiting hotel links below - rates we have quoted are on the date of creating this page and may not be showing the latest promotional offers and off season discounts !!

Hotels in Florence near Piazza del Duomo Distance from Piazza del Duomo Price (In EUR) Star Address
De Lanzi 0.1 Kms € 47 3 Star Via delle Oche 11
Hotel Axial 0.14 Kms € 53 3 Star Via dei Calzaiuoli 11
Hotel California Florence 0.31 Kms € 53 4 Star Via Ricasoli 30
Hotel Olimpia Florence 0.2 Kms € 54 3 Star Piazza della Repubblica 2
Universo 0.45 Kms € 55 3 Star Piazza Santa Maria...
B & B Cimatori 0.24 Kms € 59 3 Star Via Dante Alighieri 14
Hotel Bigallo 0.08 Kms € 60 3 Star Vicolo Adimari 2
Hotel Loggiato dei Serviti 0.48 Kms € 60 3 Star Piazza SS Annunziata 3
Boscolo Hotel Astoria 0.34 Kms € 62 4 Star Via del Giglio 9
Hotel Rosso23 0.44 Kms € 63 3 Star Piazza Santa Maria...
Hotel Benivieni 0.14 Kms € 64 3 Star Via delle Oche 5
Relais Uffizi 0.45 Kms € 72 3 Star Chiasso del Buco 16
Domus Florentiae Hotel 0.46 Kms € 72 3 Star Via degli Avelli 2
Ricasoli Suite 0.49 Kms € 79 3 Star Chiasso Ricasoli 1
First of Florence Residence 0.44 Kms € 86 4 Star Via dei Servi 38
Palazzo Alfani Al David Residence Florence 0.34 Kms € 90 4 Star Via Ricasoli 49
Hotel Della Signoria 0.44 Kms € 93 3 Star Via delle Terme 1
Roma Hotel Florence 0.47 Kms € 95 4 Star Piazza Santa Maria Novella 8
Grand Hotel Baglioni Firenze 0.43 Kms € 100 4 Star Piazza Unita Italiana 6
Hotel Pendini 0.24 Kms € 101 3 Star Via Strozzi 2
La Torre Residence 0.43 Kms € 102 3 Star Via Delle Terme 6
M Gallery Cerretani Firenze 0.1 Kms € 102 4 Star Via De Cerretani 68...
Torre Guelfa Hotel 0.48 Kms € 107 3 Star Borgo SS Apostoli 8
Residence Hilda 0.48 Kms € 108 4 Star Via dei Servi 40
Fenice Palace Hotel 0.17 Kms € 112 4 Star Via De Martelli 10
Santa Maria Novella Hotel 0.43 Kms € 113 4 Star Piazza Santa Maria Novella 1
Hotel Garibaldi Blu 0.47 Kms € 113 3 Star Piazza Santa Maria...
Calzaiuoli Hotel 0.19 Kms € 115 4 Star Via Dei Calzaiuoli 6
Palazzo Gamba 0.05 Kms € 120 4 Star Via dei Martelli 2
San Firenze Suites & Spa 0.4 Kms € 128 4 Star Piazza San Firenze 3A
Hotel L'Orologio 0.42 Kms € 130 4 Star Piazza Santa Maria...
Relais Piazza Signoria 0.4 Kms € 143 3 Star Via Vacchereccia 3
Residenza d'Epoca in Piazza della Signoria 0.37 Kms € 154 3 Star Via dei Magazzini 2
Antica Torre di Via Tornabuoni 1 0.38 Kms € 196 4 Star Via dei Tornabuoni 1
Palazzo Vecchietti 0.24 Kms € 202 5 Star Via degli Strozzi 4
One World Apartments 0.48 Kms € 224 3 Star Via Della Vigna Nuova 9
Rocco Forte Hotel Savoy 0.19 Kms € 254 5 Star Piazza della Repubblica 7
JK Place Firenze 0.45 Kms € 336 5 Star Piazza Santa Maria...

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