Hotels near Boboli Gardens (Giardini Boboli)

Charming Hotels in Florence

Florence is the capital city of the Italian region of Tuscany and of the province of Florence. It is the most populous city in Tuscany, with approximately 370,000 inhabitants, expanding to over 1.5 million in the metropolitan area. Florence is famous for its history. A center of medieval European trade and finance and one of the wealthiest cities of the time, Florence is considered the birthplace of the Renaissance, and has been called the Athens of the Middle Ages. [Source: Wikipedia]

If we talk about Hotels and other Places to Stay in Florence;

Tasso hostel is one of the cheapest place to stay in the town which is 0.82 Kmsnearby Boboli Gardens - Florence. Cost per night has been intentionally kept at a very low level to beat the competition in the city.  The hotel management has the philosophy of serving its visitors with narrow profit margins. Despite being a low cost accommodation, rooms are pretty decent offering all basic facility a traveller need for comfortable stay,

Unicorno is the most amazing 3 star hotel in the city which is 1.1 Kms from Boboli Gardens - Florence. This 3 star property has classic rooms with superior beddings to give you a feeling like home. People who stayed at this place have enjoyed their stay and have given comments like Most Fabulous place to stay

Florence Apartments is the Closest hotel in the area which is 0.32 Kms from Boboli Gardens - Florence.  Hotel rooms have all basic amenities which you need for a comfortable stay. I would personally recommend you this hotel specially if you are planning most of your day out from hotel in exploring the city.One thing to note - this is a good hotel but if you are looking for ultimate luxury, this is not for you.

Villa Carlotta Hotel Florence is one of the Stunning 4 Star property in the area which is 0.54 Kms from Boboli Gardens - Florence. Rooms are Trendy and fashionable to give you a feeling of luxury, Staff is Cooperative - a must if you are travelling with Elderly people or with Little ones. It is actually giving complex to some of the low budget five star hotels in the town.

Grand Hotel Villa Cora is the leading 5 Star Place to stay in the city which is 0.54 Kms from Boboli Gardens - Florence. The hotel has a marvellous rooms which provides world class comfort to the people staying there. The only problem here is about the availability - this place always remains in demand and if you try to book this place at the last moment the chances are that you may not get the booking. So if you intend to book this place make sure you complete your bookings in advance.

Duomo Apartment is the popular and suggested hotel in the area which is 1.16 Kms from Boboli Gardens - Florence because of its competitive cost, services comparable to full-service hotel, adjusting nature of the hotel staff provide to travellers looking for extended stay and quality of food hotel cafeteria serves.

Below is the list of few selected hotels which we think are best for your stay in Florence - considering your budget and locality you are looking for. Make sure you check the latest rates and offers on your date of stay by visiting hotel links below - rates we have quoted are on the date of creating this page and may not be showing the latest promotional offers and off season discounts !!

Hotels in Florence near Boboli Gardens Distance from Boboli Gardens Price (In EUR) Star Address
Tasso hostel 0.82 Kms € 25 3 Star Via Villani 15
Toscana Florence 1.1 Kms € 25 2 Star Via del Sole 8
Villa Carlotta Hotel Florence 0.54 Kms € 31 4 Star Via Michele di Lando 3
Cestelli 0.83 Kms € 33 1 Star Borgo Ss. Apostoli 25...
Hotel Scoti 0.83 Kms € 39 1 Star Via De' Tornabuoni 7
Althea Rooms 0.37 Kms € 42 2 Star Via delle Caldaie 25
Unicorno 1.1 Kms € 43 3 Star Via dei Fossi 27
Residenza Fiorentina Florence 1.08 Kms € 44 3 Star Via De' Fossi 12
Tourist House Hotel Florence 1.19 Kms € 49 3 Star Via della Scala 1
Residenza Vespucci 0.95 Kms € 51 3 Star Lungarno Amerigo Vespucci 2
Convitto della Calza 0.54 Kms € 53 3 Star Piazza Della Calza 6
Hotel Borgo 1.18 Kms € 55 3 Star Borgognissanti 67
Monte Oliveto Bed & Breakfast Florence 1.12 Kms € 60 3 Star Via Domenico Burchiello 67
Florence Apartments 0.32 Kms € 61 4 Star Various Addresses...
Soggiorno Rondinelli 1.18 Kms € 63 3 Star Via de' Rondinelli 3
Soggiorno Oblivium 1.11 Kms € 64 3 Star Via Palazzuolo
Casa di Mina 1.06 Kms € 64 1 Star Viale E.Torriccelli 17/19
Villa Nardi - Residenza D'Epoca 0.67 Kms € 65 3 Star Via Dante Da Castiglione 4
Park Palace Hotel 0.78 Kms € 72 4 Star Piazzale Galileo 5
La Terrazza Su Boboli 0.58 Kms € 75 3 Star Viale Petrarca 122
Florence Rental 0.99 Kms € 79 1 Star Via dei Neri 18
Duomo Apartment 1.16 Kms € 88 4 Star Via Dei Vecchietti
De' Castellani 0.89 Kms € 90 1 Star Via de Castellani 10
Lella's Nest 0.39 Kms € 90 4 Star Via Mazzetta 
Roma Hotel Florence 1.16 Kms € 95 4 Star Piazza Santa Maria Novella 8
Hotel Garibaldi Blu 1.17 Kms € 113 3 Star Piazza Santa Maria...
Casa Pucci 0.69 Kms € 124 4 Star Via Santa Monaca 8
Poggio Imperiale Apartments 0.63 Kms € 129 1 Star Viale Del Poggio...
Apartments Florence - Federighi 0.95 Kms € 130 1 Star Via Federighi
Appartamenti In Piazza Della Signoria 0.94 Kms € 150 1 Star Piazza Della Signoria
Grand Hotel Villa Cora 0.54 Kms € 225 5 Star Viale Machiavelli 18
Ognissanti Apartments Florence 1.13 Kms € 226 4 Star Via Montebello 6
Trinity Apartments 0.89 Kms € 253 1 Star Via Delle Terme 6
Apartments Florence - Ronco 0.32 Kms € 309 5 Star Via del Ronco

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