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Charming Hotels in Florence

Florence is the capital city of the Italian region of Tuscany and of the province of Florence. It is the most populous city in Tuscany, with approximately 370,000 inhabitants, expanding to over 1.5 million in the metropolitan area. Florence is famous for its history. A center of medieval European trade and finance and one of the wealthiest cities of the time, Florence is considered the birthplace of the Renaissance, and has been called the Athens of the Middle Ages. [Source: Wikipedia]

If we talk about Hotels and other Places to Stay in Florence;

Bed & Bed Cassia is the most amazing 3 star hotel in the city which is 1.55 Kms from City Centre - Florence. This 3 star property has classic rooms with superior beddings to give you a feeling like home. People who stayed at this place have enjoyed their stay and have given comments like Most Fabulous place to stay

Sani Tourist House Bed & Breakfast Florence is the Nearest well known hotel in the area which is 0.27 Kms from City Centre - Florence.  This Amazing place to stay will let you feel like home as its proximity and connectivity to major tourist attractions in the city is very good. Not only this - Laundry Service, Catering and other required services are just Brilliant.

Galileo 2000 Bed & Breakfast Florence is one of the most convenient four Star hotel in the area which is 0.34 Kms from City Centre - Florence. Hotel has Trendy Rooms, Neet and Clean Bathroom, trained staff and amazing connectivity to the city. This will actually provide the same luxury as you will get in any mid class 5 star facility - so I would say this is a Pocket Friendly Luxury

Monte Oliveto Bed & Breakfast Florence is the Recommended Hotel in the area which is 1.43 Kms from City Centre - Florence and has a great commuting arrangements to entire town and major tourist destination through public transport. You can stay tension free in this hotel and enjoy your night-outs with friends and family as coming back to hotel room at mid night is not a big deal at all.

Below is the list of few selected hotels which we think are best for your stay in Florence - considering your budget and locality you are looking for. Make sure you check the latest rates and offers on your date of stay by visiting hotel links below - rates we have quoted are on the date of creating this page and may not be showing the latest promotional offers and off season discounts !!

B&B|Hostels in Florence near City Centre Distance from City Centre Price (In EUR) Star Address
Bed & Bed Cassia 1.55 Kms € 29 3 Star Via Cassia 2
Bed & Bed Peterson 1.33 Kms € 36 2 Star Via Guido Monaco 25
Abatjour Bed & Breakfast Florence 1.72 Kms € 39 2 Star Viale dei Cadorna 12
Sweet Florence Bed & Breakfast 1.65 Kms € 39 2 Star Via Cassia 8
Sani Tourist House Bed & Breakfast Florence 0.27 Kms € 40 3 Star Piazza dei Giuochi 1
Soggiorno Santa Reparata Bed & Breakfast Florence 0.79 Kms € 45 2.5 Star Via Santa Reparata 27
Monna Clara Bed and Breakfast 1.06 Kms € 46 1 Star Via Alamanni 35
XXVII Aprile Bed & Car Bed & Breakfast Florence 0.82 Kms € 49 3 Star Via XXVII Aprile 2
Duomo View Bed and Breakfast Florence 0.23 Kms € 55 2.5 Star Piazza San Giovanni 6
Art Bed & Breakfast 1.42 Kms € 57 2 Star Via Guido Monaco 25
A Teatro Bed & Breakfast Florence 0.61 Kms € 60 2.5 Star Via Verdi 12
Monte Oliveto Bed & Breakfast Florence 1.43 Kms € 60 3 Star Via Domenico Burchiello 67
Bellevue House Bed and Breakfast 0.53 Kms € 62 2 Star Via della Scala 21
La Casa Del Garbo Bed & Breakfast Florence 0.28 Kms € 69 3 Star Piazza della Signoria 8
Le Stanze Dei Medici Bed & Breakfast Florence 0.56 Kms € 80 3 Star Via Camillo Cavour 42
Galileo 2000 Bed & Breakfast Florence 0.34 Kms € 89 4 Star Piazza San Firenze 3
Bed & Breakfast Trentatre 1.39 Kms € 129 3 Star Viale Belfiore 33

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