Economy Hotels in Bhubaneswar at Cheap Price & Centre Locations | Low Price High Luxury Hotels

Are you looking for a comfortable and economical stay in the town, Evmastu Hotels brings you the best in class hotels which you can book online before your stay. These hotels have been handpicked by our local experts who understands your need and requirement quite well as they themselves are frequent traveler to different part of the world. 

These hotels are suitable for families of 2 to 3 or bigger rooms for family of 4 , 5 and even 6 people, students, honeymoon couples, single traveler or  business trips or for any other purpose as the price range of hotels we have is from cheapest to most luxury hotels.

You may further filter on the type of accommodation to choose i.e  Apartment, Bed & Breakfast, Dormitory, Guest House, Hostel, Inn, Motel or a Resort. These places to stay in are strategically located to help you find a place a shopping mall where you can get your daily needs and hospitals - god forbids if you need one.

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So no need to worry about the rates, whatever rates we show are very much competitive and cheapest in the area.

List of Hotels Star Rating Popularity
Trident Bhubaneswar 5 Star Hotel 87%
MAYFAIR Lagoon 3 Star Hotel 87%
Mayfair Convention 3 Star Hotel 83%
Swosti Premium Hotel 3 Star Hotel 80%
Hotel New Marrion 4 Star Hotel 80%
Swosti Hotel Bhubaneswar 3 Star Hotel 79%
The Crown Bhubaneswar 3 Star Hotel 77%
Triumph Residency Hotel 3.5 Star Hotel 77%
VITS Hotel Bhubaneswar 3 Star Hotel 76%
Pal Heights 3 Star Hotel 76%
Ginger Bhubaneshwar 3 Star Hotel 73%
Hotel Grand Central Bhubaneswar 3 Star Hotel 70%
Kalinga Ashok 3 Star Hotel 69%
Hotel Excellency Bhubaneswar 4 Star Hotel 69%
Hotel Hindusthan International 4 Star Hotel 63%
Hotel Sishmo 3 Star Hotel 61%
Hotel Sun Green 3 Star Hotel 56%
Hotel Keshari 3 Star Hotel Not Rated