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Rome is the Capital of Italy and one of the respected and well known cities in the world, Rome is known for its rich history which is thousands of years old. Who doesn't know about the famous Colosseum - tourist actually travel from all part of the world just to take few glimpses of this beautiful city. Rome City has lots of Popular hotels as per the requirements of travellers. You can have a decent one night stay in some of these popular hotels for as low as 20 Euros per night and if you are luxury lover - the city has high end hotels for 300 euros or even upto 700 or 900 Euros per night.
We have specific pages for holiday travellers, business travellers, budget travellers, newly married couples, families travelling with Kids or Old Age travellers. Refer our Sub-page listing appended below in this webpage to further narrow your search. 

If you are in hurry - here is the brief summary of the popular hotels in Rome:
Magnagrecia is the Cheapest Hotel in the locality which is 1.02 Mile away from Colosseum - Rome. You can have a 100% relaxed and comfortable stay at this property and that too at unbelievable low cost.

Patria Hotel Rome is the Cheapest 3 Star Hotel in the area which is 0.84 Mile from Colosseum - Rome. A most looked after property in the area for off season discounts and offers and credit goes to the favourable visitors reviews on various travel portals and discussion forums in terms of service quality, ambience and locality these hotels provide at such a reasonable rates.

Hotel Romance is the Nearest Hotel in the area which is 0.24 Mile from Colosseum - Rome. The location of this hotel is best in class and people visiting the city actually admire this thing because it saves lot of travel time in commuting to various travel destinations in and around the city.

69 Manin Street Deluxe is the Cheapest 4 Star Hotel in the area which is 0.69 Mile from Colosseum - Rome. This is a great 4* property with excellent location very well suited for families who are travelling with Kids and elderly people reason the staff is very caring and trustworthy.

InterContinental de la Ville is the Cheapest 5 Star Hotel in the area which is 1.05 Mile from Colosseum - Rome. This Cheapest five star hotel has been the favourite of frequent travellers reason they know that the luxury offered at such a reasonable price is unmatchable in the city. Please do check out their recent rates online - there might be some off season deals and discounts offered by the hotel chain. - You can do so by visiting the hotel link below.

BEST WESTERN Hotel Mondial is the Recommended Hotel in the area which is 0.79 Mile from Colosseum - Rome and has a great connection to entire city and major tourist destination through public transport. You can stay worry free in this hotel and enjoy your night outs with friends and families as coming back to hotel room at any time is not a big deal at all.

Special Offer: Below mentioned room rates are for the peak tourism period - actual booking price may be lower than what is mentioned below depending upon the deals and discounts announced by these hotels - you may refer the hotel link below and check the latest prices and offers during the days of your travel.

Popular Places to Stay in Rome Distance from Colosseum Price - Per Night (In EUR) Star Rating Address
Hotel Beauty 0.66 Mile € 11 1 Star Via Napoleone III 35
Hostel Prima Base 5.66 Mile € 12 1 Star Via Osimo
Hotel il Papavero 1.21 Mile € 13 1 Star Via Castelfidardo 50...
Alessandro Palace Hostel Rome 1.16 Mile € 14 2 Star Via Vicenza 42
Residenza Giustiniani 1.07 Mile € 14 3 Star Via Gaeta 64
Hotel Positano 1.18 Mile € 15 2 Star Via Palestro 49...
Mosaic Hostel Rome 1.2 Mile € 16 1 Star Via Cernaia 39B
Flaminio Village Bungalow Park 4.59 Mile € 18 4 Star Via Flaminia Nuova 821
Camping Village Roma 4.49 Mile € 19 4 Star Via Aurelia 831
B&T Rooms Trani 1.09 Mile € 20 2 Star Via dei Mille 9 int.5
Central Station Inn Ciampino 8.13 Mile € 22 2 Star Via S. Francesco...
Cressy 1.06 Mile € 23 1 Star Via Volturno 27
Altavilla 0.75 Mile € 24 2 Star Via Principe Amedeo 9/B
Kriss Hotel Rome 1.7 Mile € 24 3 Star Via Treviso 37
Hotel Brunella 1.83 Mile € 24 2 Star Via Antonio Pacinotti 8/E
La Controra Hostel Rome 1.11 Mile € 24 2 Star Via Umbria
Bed & Breakfast King Square Rome 1.32 Mile € 26 2 Star Via Pinerolo 2
Hotel Soggiorno Blu 1.02 Mile € 26 2 Star Via Magenta 39
Bed & Breakfast Prince Inn 0.79 Mile € 26 3 Star Via Principe Eugenio 15
Conte House I 0.5 Mile € 27 1 Star Via Merulana 191
Hotel Ciao Rome 0.98 Mile € 27 1 Star Via Marsala 96b
Jonico Hotel Rome 5.81 Mile € 27 3 Star Via Silicella 41
Rubino 1 Mile € 27 2 Star Via Milazzo 3
Albergo Laura 8.07 Mile € 28 2 Star Via Francesco D'assisi 58
When in Rome Accommodation 1.11 Mile € 28 3 Star Via Varese 34
Bed & Breakfast Maggiore 0.57 Mile € 28 2 Star Piazza di Santa Maria...
Residence Santa Rosa 8.68 Mile € 28 3 Star Via della Storta 591
Hotel Giotto Rome 3.92 Mile € 28 3 Star Via Cardinal Passionei 35
Hotel Victor Rome 4.43 Mile € 28 3 Star Via Annia Regilla 60
Hotel Arcadia Rome 7.52 Mile € 29 3 Star Via Campo Romano 75
Hotel Capannelle 4.99 Mile € 29 4 Star Via Siderno 37
Hotel Tre Stelle 1.23 Mile € 29 3 Star Via San Martino Della...
Domus Sessoriana Hotel 1.14 Mile € 29 3 Star Piazza Santa Croce in...
Bellavista Hotel Rome 15.43 Mile € 29 3 Star Piazzale Magellano 16
Ariosto Hotel Rome 0.63 Mile € 29 3 Star Via Ludovico Ariosto 24
Magnagrecia 1.02 Mile € 30 3 Star Via Magnagrecia 106
Rose Santamaria Residence 0.55 Mile € 30 1 Star Via Santa Maria Maggiore 151
Hotel Demetra Capitolina 0.74 Mile € 30 2 Star Via Principe Amedeo 62
Friendship Place 1.05 Mile € 30 1 Star Via Dei Mille 41/A...

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