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Popular Hotels in Rome with Special Offers

Rome is the Capital of Italy and one of the respected and well known cities in the world, Rome is known for its rich history which is thousands of years old. Who doesn't know about the famous Colosseum - tourist actually travel from all part of the world just to take few glimpses of this beautiful city. Rome City has lots of Popular hotels as per the requirements of travellers. You can have a decent one night stay in some of these popular hotels for as low as 20 Euros per night and if you are luxury lover - the city has high end hotels for 300 euros or even upto 700 or 900 Euros per night.

We have specific pages for holiday travellers, business travellers, budget travellers, newly married couples, families travelling with Kids or Old Age travellers. Refer our Sub-page listing appended below in this webpage to further narrow your search. 

If you are in hurry - here is the brief summary of the popular hotels in Rome:
Trastevere 4 You Apartment Rome is the budgeted 3*** hotel in the area which is 1.13 Mile from Colosseum - Rome. Being a 3 star facility you will get a decent luxury standards infact their premium rooms are quite big in size and offers you a luxury of 4 star at a cost of 3 star.

Piazza di Spagna Prestige is the low cost but luxury four star hotel in the area which is 1.28 Mile from Colosseum - Rome. This is one of the well known 4 diamond hotels in the area with all amenities. This hotel is suggested for families travelling with babies - as the staff is very kid friendly and will patiently listen to all your specific requirements.

InterContinental de la Ville is the Cheap and Best 5 Star Upscale hotel in the area which is 1.05 Mile from Colosseum - Rome. This Five Star hotel is actually offering its room on special discounts if we compare it with other similar properties in the locality. The room cost are still lower than few 3 and 4 star hotels in area. And the Secret is - the hotel wants to command the market share and has a vision to be the best hotels and preferred choice of visitors. So look no further - Enjoy this luxury 5 star hotel without putting a dent on your travel budget.

Grand Hotel Palace Rome is the suggested hotel in the area which is 1.17 Mile from Colosseum - Rome because of following reasons: Affordable Rates, Popularity on travel forums, repeated visits by people travelling to the city and last one - the yummy food they offer. "

Discounts for you: Below mentioned room rates are for the peak tourism period - actual booking price may be lower than what is mentioned below depending upon the deals and discounts announced by these hotels - you may refer the hotel link below and check the latest prices and offers during the days of your travel.

Popular Places to Stay in Rome Distance from Colosseum Price - Per Night (In EUR) Star Rating Address
Grand Hotel Palace Rome 1.17 Mile € 183 5 Star Via Vittorio Veneto 70
Luxury Manfredi Apartments 0.23 Mile € 183 2 Star Via Marco Aurelio 32
Trastevere 4 You Apartment Rome 1.13 Mile € 185 3 Star Via Del Moro 11
Casa Montani 1.73 Mile € 187 3 Star Piazzale Flaminio 9
Piazza di Spagna Prestige 1.28 Mile € 188 4 Star Via della Croce 33
Italyrents 2 Mile € 191 4 Star Different locations in...
Hotel Lunetta 1.05 Mile € 192 4 Star Piazza Del Paradiso 68
Short Stay Rome Apartments Trastevere 1.25 Mile € 195 3 Star Via Dandolo
Apartment Roma Elegante Roma 2.12 Mile € 195 3 Star Via Germanico 96
The Pantheon Apartment 0.99 Mile € 195 3 Star Via dei Pastini
Finally Roma Apartment 2.1 Mile € 197 3 Star Via Catone 34
Domus Borgognona 1.15 Mile € 199 4 Star Via Borgognona 12
Apartment Bramante Rome 1.94 Mile € 204 3 Star Via delle Fornaci
Relais Rome Sweet Relais Fori Imperiali 0.32 Mile € 208 3 Star Via Madonna dei Monti 96
Gianicolense Apartment Rome 1.43 Mile € 220 1 Star Viale Aurelio Saffi
InterContinental de la Ville 1.05 Mile € 220 5 Star Via Sistina 67/69

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