Rome Hotels near Aurelia Hospital - 25 Hotels - as low as 30 Euros Per night

Popular Hotels in Rome with Special Offers

Rome is the Capital of Italy and one of the respected and well known cities in the world, Rome is known for its rich history which is thousands of years old. Who doesn't know about the famous Colosseum - tourist actually travel from all part of the world just to take few glimpses of this beautiful city. Rome City has lots of Popular hotels as per the requirements of travellers. You can have a decent one night stay in some of these popular hotels for as low as 20 Euros per night and if you are luxury lover - the city has high end hotels for 300 euros or even upto 700 or 900 Euros per night.

We have specific pages for holiday travellers, business travellers, budget travellers, newly married couples, families travelling with Kids or Old Age travellers. Refer our Sub-page listing appended below in this webpage to further narrow your search. 

If you are in hurry - here is the brief summary of the popular hotels in Rome:
Camping Village Roma is themost economical place to stay in the locality which is 0.35 Mile away from Aurelia Hospital - Rome. At such a basic room rent per day you will get all must have amenities which you will need away from your home. These rates have only been possible due to the fact that hotel industry is getting competitive day by day and the only way they can survive is by reducing cost and that too without compromising on the services

Ecohotel Rome is the low cost Three Star hotel in the area which is 1.3 Mile from Aurelia Hospital - Rome. This 3 star hotel is very well known in the city for the cleanliness, its supportive staff, airy looms, neat and clean bathrooms and personalized services by hotel staff. 

Consul is the Closest hotel in the area which is 0.84 Mile from Aurelia Hospital - Rome. Rooms over here are good, sound proof, bedding is comfortable for your night stay and if you discuss with the lobby manager in advance they may also agree with you on early check-in or late check-out, but yes that completely depends on your negotiation skills and demand during your travel dates.

Raganelli Hotel is the Cheapest 4 Star Hotel in the area which is 0.86 Mile from Aurelia Hospital - Rome. This place is though a four star property but in no manner leg behind a proper five star hotel in terms of room ambience and food quality.

Aurelius is the Recommended Hotel in the area which is 1.21 Mile from Aurelia Hospital - Rome and has a great connection to entire city and major tourist destination throhj public transport. You can stay worry free in this hotel and enjoy your nightouts with friends and families as coming back to hotel room at any time is not a big deal at all.

SAVE UPTO 20%: Below mentioned room rates are for the peak tourism period - actual booking price may be lower than what is mentioned below depending upon the deals and discounts announced by these hotels - you may refer the hotel link below and check the latest prices and offers during the days of your travel.

Popular Places to Stay in Rome Distance from Aurelia Hospital Price - Per Night (In EUR) Star Rating Address
Camping Village Roma 0.35 Mile € 19 4 Star Via Aurelia 831
Aurelia 429 Fine Town House Rome 1.82 Mile € 32 4 Star Via Aurelia 429
Hotel Aureliano 1.13 Mile € 34 4 Star Via Aurelia 619
Ecohotel Rome 1.3 Mile € 35 3 Star Via Di Bravetta 91
Bed a San Pietro Roma 1.83 Mile € 35 2 Star Via Gregorio VII
Tania B&B 1.93 Mile € 35 2 Star Via Gregorio VII
Pinewood Hotel Rome 1.98 Mile € 39 4 Star Via della Pineta...
Gregorius close to St. Peter's 1.93 Mile € 40 2 Star Via Gregorio VII N° 396
Raganelli Hotel 0.86 Mile € 40 4 Star Via Aurelia 734/738
Consul 0.84 Mile € 40 3 Star Via Aurelia 727
Princess Hotel Rome 1.07 Mile € 40 4 Star Via Andrea Ferrara 33
Park Hotel Ginevra 1.03 Mile € 41 3 Star Via San Giovanni della...
Domina Romae B&B 1.99 Mile € 46 1 Star Via Bonaventura Cerretti 31
JSH Hotel Rome 1.33 Mile € 48 4 Star Via Della Pisana 374
Eats and Sheets Vaticano 1.98 Mile € 50 2 Star Via Dei Gozzadini 16
Clarhotel 1.17 Mile € 53 4 Star Largo Lorenzo Mossa 4
The Church Palace 1.57 Mile € 56 4 Star Via Aurelia 481
Aurelius 1.21 Mile € 56 4 Star Via Aurelia 458
Samantha Holidays 1.86 Mile € 58 3 Star Via Antonio Magarotto
NH Midas Hotel 1.73 Mile € 64 4 Star Via Aurelia 800
AtaHotel Villa Pamphili 1.76 Mile € 69 4 Star Via della Nocetta 105
Marco Polo Vatican B&B 1.96 Mile € 69 1 Star Street Rest Of Our Lady 32
Roma Bed and Breakfast 1.19 Mile € 83 2 Star Via dei Gonzaga 159/E
Aurelia Gardens 0.21 Mile € 134 2 Star Via Bogliasco 38
Domus Aureliana 1.85 Mile € 145 3 Star Via Aurelia 386

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