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Rome is the Capital of Italy and one of the respected and well known cities in the world, Rome is known for its rich history which is thousands of years old. Who doesn't know about the famous Colosseum - tourist actually travel from all part of the world just to take few glimpses of this beautiful city. Rome City has lots of Popular hotels as per the requirements of travellers. You can have a decent one night stay in some of these popular hotels for as low as 20 Euros per night and if you are luxury lover - the city has high end hotels for 300 euros or even upto 700 or 900 Euros per night.
We have specific pages for holiday travellers, business travellers, budget travellers, newly married couples, families travelling with Kids or Old Age travellers. Refer our Sub-page listing appended below in this webpage to further narrow your search. 

If you are in hurry - here is the brief summary of the popular hotels in Rome:
Bed & Breakfast Maggiore is one of the most low budget accommodation which is 0.57 Mile close to Colosseum - Rome. At such a low price tag finding a hotel like this in itself is an achievement. Besides being a budgeted hotel - the services are almost comparable to any full service hotel in the nearby locality.

Ariosto Hotel Rome is the budgeted 3*** hotel in the area which is 0.63 Mile from Colosseum - Rome. Being a 3 star facility you will get a decent luxury standards infact their premium rooms are quite big in size and offers you a luxury of 4 star at a cost of 3 star.

Soggiorno Downtown is the Nearest Hotel in the area which is 0.29 Mile from Colosseum - Rome. This place is well known and respected for its services and courtesy. I have seen many travel portals vouching for this property.You will not regret your stay in this hotel.

69 Manin Street Deluxe is the Cheapest 4 Star Hotel in the area which is 0.69 Mile from Colosseum - Rome. This is a great 4* property with excellent location very well suited for familes who are travelling with Kids and elderly people reason the staff is very caring and trustworthy.

InterContinental de la Ville is the Cheap and Best 5 Star Upscale hotel in the area which is 1.05 Mile from Colosseum - Rome. This five star hotel is very well equipped to meet any of your travel requirements will it be a business travel or a leisure holiday trip. The hotel is equipped enough to arrange any medium size corporate events as well and if you discuss with the hotel management, they will make necessary arrangements like catering for large groups, arranging stationery for business travellors, projectors and sound systems for any official conference.

Hotel Fiori is the Recommended Hotel in the area which is 0.53 Mile from Colosseum - Rome and has a great connection to entire city and major tourist destination through public transport. You can stay worry free in this hotel and enjoy your night-outs with friends and families as coming back to hotel room at any time is not a big deal at all.

Special Offer: Below mentioned room rates are for the peak tourism period - actual booking price may be lower than what is mentioned below depending upon the deals and discounts announced by these hotels - you may refer the hotel link below and check the latest prices and offers during the days of your travel.

Popular Places to Stay in Rome Distance from Colosseum Price - Per Night (In EUR) Star Rating Address
Bed & Breakfast Maggiore 0.57 Mile € 28 2 Star Piazza di Santa Maria...
Ariosto Hotel Rome 0.63 Mile € 29 3 Star Via Ludovico Ariosto 24
Casa Santa Sofia 0.34 Mile € 31 3 Star Piazza Della Madonna Dei...
Hotel San Daniele Bundi Rome 0.28 Mile € 33 2 Star Via Cavour 295 00184...
Art in Accommodation 0.64 Mile € 34 3 Star Via Ferruccio 46
69 Manin Street Deluxe 0.69 Mile € 35 4 Star Via Daniele Manin 69
Hotel Santa Prassede 0.55 Mile € 37 2 Star Via Di Santa Prassede 25
Tirreno Hotel 0.49 Mile € 38 3 Star Via San Martino Ai Monti 18
Nerva Accommodation 0.33 Mile € 38 3 Star Piazza Della Suburra 2
Rhona Inn 0.62 Mile € 39 3 Star Via Carlo Alberto 4
Hotel Artorius 0.49 Mile € 39 3 Star Via del Boschetto 13
Domus Colosseo Apartment Rome 0.41 Mile € 40 3 Star Via Angelo Poliziano 70
Bed & Breakfast A Roma Termini 0.68 Mile € 40 2 Star Via Napoleone III 48
Hotel Italia Rome 0.66 Mile € 41 2 Star Via Venezia 18
Maison Colosseo 0.31 Mile € 41 2 Star Via dei Querceti 24
Amalfi Hotel 0.56 Mile € 41 3 Star Via Merulana 278
D'Este Hotel 0.62 Mile € 41 3 Star Via carlo Alberto 4/b
B&B Domus Domas 0.63 Mile € 42 2 Star Via Carlo Alberto 53
New Inn 0.67 Mile € 43 2 Star Via Farini 62
Auditorium di Mecenate 0.53 Mile € 43 2 Star Via Dello Statuto 44
Dimora Storica Urbana Roma 0.42 Mile € 43 3 Star Via Urbana 35
Hotel Oriente 0.55 Mile € 44 2 Star Via dello Statuto 58
RetRome Colosseum Garden Apartments Rome 0.29 Mile € 44 3 Star Via Marco Aurelio 47
Hotel Fiori 0.53 Mile € 44 2 Star Via Nazionale 163
Hotel St. Moritz 0.67 Mile € 45 3 Star Via Nazionale 51
A Few Steps From Colosseum 0.55 Mile € 45 2 Star Via Merulana 183 Via...
Hotel Apollo Rome 0.46 Mile € 45 3 Star Via dei Serpenti 109
1 Via dei Valeri 0.61 Mile € 46 3 Star Via Dei Valeri 1
Hotel Commodore Roma 0.65 Mile € 47 4 Star Via Torino 1
Affitta Camere Rental in Rome 2000 0.56 Mile € 47 2 Star Via dello Statuto 58
Eurostars Saint John Rome 0.67 Mile € 47 4 Star Via Matteo Boiardo 30
Hotel Orazia 0.63 Mile € 48 3 Star Via Buonarroti 51
B&B Chain Gallienus 0.52 Mile € 48 4 Star Via Domenichino 7
Camere Corona Rome 0.59 Mile € 49 3 Star Via Palermo 49
Esposizione Hotel 0.66 Mile € 49 3 Star Via Nazionale 66
Anfiteatro Flavio 0.4 Mile € 50 3 Star Via dei Serpenti 130
Arena Guest House Rome 0.24 Mile € 50 2 Star Via Marco Aurelio 37
Soggiorno Downtown 0.29 Mile € 50 2 Star Via Cavour 275

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